Booster Buy

Frequently asked questions

What type of products you sale?

Booster Buy offers
1. Digital Graphic Papers,
2. Transparent Clip Arts
3. Printable Wall Arts,
4. Design Elements
5. Graphic resources For both personal and commercial use.

What are the photo editing services you offer?

We offer professional digital photo editing services for any type of image:

  1. Skin Retouching
  2. High End Skin Retouching.
  3. Body Retouching.
  4. Photo restoration services.
  5. Photo Manipulation.
  6. Custom Portraits.
  7. Custom Pet Portraits.
  8. Funny Custom Portraits.
  9. Background Removal.
  10. Newborn photo editing.
  11. Photo Enhancement Services.
  12. Photo Manipulation.
  13. Bakground Replacement services.

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload as many photos as you want us to edit.We provide bulk order discount for much larger number of images.

How much time will you take to edit my photos?

We usually take 3-5 days on an average.However, it ususally depeds on the number of photos you upload.If you want us to keep your project on priority then let us know by mentioning it in the instruction while uploading your photos.

Do you offer fast delivery?

Yes, we offer 24 hours delivery and for that we charge additional 50% of the total order cost.

Do you offer physical products?

No, currently we only provide digital products and photo editing services.

Are my images safe and secure?

Yes, Your image won't be shown anywhere. All rights reserved.

Can I give you custom orders for resale purpose(B2B)?

Yes, we take almost any digital custom order for any of your digital shops on etsy, creative fabrica and other online platforms:

1. Custom Printable Wall Arts
2. Custom Digital Papers
3. Custom T-shirt Designs.
4. Custom High-Resolution Transparent Clip Arts.
5. Digital Templates.
6. Custom Portraits.
7. Custom Illustrations.
8. Custom Graphic Resources. 9. Custom Backgrounds.

All the rights will be tranferred to the buyer as soon as the order will get completed.

What if my image or file size exceeds 90MB?

You can share it through dropbox, email or google drive.You can suggest any other way as per your convenience provided that it must be safe and secure.

How to place an order?

There are two ways placing an order on our site:

For digital products.
You can directly add your product to the cart and proceed for the checkout process. After successfully placing the order you will get a direct link and in your email to download your files.

For Photo Editing services:
You can place the order in 2 easy steps:
1.Visit the custom order page of you choiceand fill up the form with the requirements.
2. Scroll down to add your service to the cark and checkout.
After successfull completion of the order, we will get in touch with you for further communication and will keep in touch with you until you are completely satisfied with the results.